David Winter translator

From universities to banks

I work alongside public corporations, private companies, educational institutions, political bodies and publishing houses that recognise the power of the written word to educate and inform, impress and persuade.

Traditionally, I have also always had close ties with NGOs in Europe and tourist boards across the French-speaking world.


  • Enterprises big and small

    I translate for an unashamedly high-brow - and very demanding - clientele, from magazines, journals and private companies to international corporations and educational institutions.

    Enterprises big and small turn to me because of my academic background and my mastery of English and French (and even Latin!).

    They, like me, recognise that it is relatively easy to translate - but that it is challenging and demanding to translate well... and that's my speciality: lucid, rigorous, accurate translations by a professional translator who is also a published writer.



  • Across Europe and Africa

    Regional and local tourism offices (France)

    Broadsheets (Paris and London)

    NGOs (Africa and France)

    University research centres (Switzerland)

    In-flight magazines (North Africa)

    Business schools(France)

    Accountancy firms (UK)

    Betting industry (UK)

    Political think-tanks (France)

    Magazine for high-flyers (France)

    Nuclear Safety Authority (France)

    Business magazines (France)

    Fashion designers (Belgium)

Translation snippets

Several cola drinks, including the leading Coca-Cola and Pepsi brands, contain small traces of alcohol – so says the French National Consumer Institute after carrying out tests for the journal 60 Millions de Consommateurs to be published this Thursday...

While the elderly man is busy at the gates, two other cars pull up in front of the reception centre. One of the occupants, a long-haired young man wearing a cross around his neck, asks - in English - to whom he can give some donated items...

Our aim is to help your company expand. Whatever your area of business or the challenges facing your company as it develops, Paris Region Entreprises provides long-term operational services and solutions that will enable you to access the right people...

The answer is thought to lie in X‐ray binaries, celestial systems in which a "normal" star orbits a highly compact object such as a neutron star or a black hole. When the 511 keV radiation emanating from the centre of the galaxy was discovered...