Prize-winning translator

I am a freelance French to English translator with impeccable writing, research and analytical skills honed over almost twenty years working in Great Britain, France and North Africa.

I have executive experience not just in translating, editing and writing but also in publishing, marketing and corporate communications.

After serving as editor-in-chief and lead translator for Culturissima — a writing consultancy based in London and Paris — I was head-hunted to work as a freelance in-house translator for one of France's largest translation companies. I also enjoyed a number of years as a bilingual publications specialist for Expert Algeria, a cultural travel company with offices in Europe and North Africa.

As the vast majority of the content that I translate is intended for publication — in journals and newspapers, for example, or on websites —all my translations are designed to appeal to the highest standards of grammar, style and logic.

David Winter translator

Twenty years
a writer

Since winning my first translation prize — in Latin — whilst still at university, I have enjoyed a dual career as a professional translator (French, Latin, ancient Greek) and writer.

My proven track record as a writer, combined with my experience as a translator, means that I am attuned not just to the nuances of French and English but also to style, syntax and the imperative for accuracy. Enterprises big and small turn to me because they respect the depth of my academic background and my mastery of English.

Journalism, Academia,
Travel Culture,

I have also served as a director of a cultural travel company in the UK, and founded my own historical and adventure tour business in Africa.

Earlier still, I worked for seven years as a psychodynamic therapist in a range of UK universities as well as in private practice in Paris.

It has been - and still is - quite a journey, an odyssey that has included extended stints teaching at Cambridge University and the Manchester Grammar School.

I've also had the good fortune to travel with my work, living in London, Paris, Marseille, Algiers, Tripoli and the south of France... all evidence of the broad sweep of my expertise as a translator — be it in the fields of academia, journalism, cultural affaires, travel or marketing.


David Winter translator

I am qualified linguist with a doctorate from Cambridge University and degrees from the universities of Liverpool and London.

exceptional English

With a background in Classics and linguistics — as well as an extensive career as a professional writer — I have an exceptional level of mother-tongue English.

Like my clientele, I value the written word and recognise its importance in conveying information that is precise and eloquent.

Delivered on time

Business report for the Paris Police Authority | Article on the "big bang" for a French business journal | Bilingual website for a travel company based in Africa | Report on Coca-Cola France for an American journal

Office de Tourisme websites in London, Provence, the Loire and Brittany | Human resources documentation for one of the world's foremost shipping companies | Website content for Grenoble INP